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The first General meeting of the club was held on the 18th November 2015 at St Joseph Catholic Church Hall at 10.30am.

Pat Baker chaired the meeting and welcomed members. Annet Ziraba recorded the minutes.

The chairman made members aware of how the club was progressing and asked members for their views on way forward. (Everyone attending any activities or classes are deemed members)

1.     Fitness exercises and other activities

The club offers 4 fitness classes a week; gentle fitness, gentle Yoga, Zumba gold and Tai chi – Chi Kung.  Only 3 fitness classes are well attended but still struggling to cover both rent and the instructors. Gentle fitness in particular is not well attended and the attendance has reduced to 3 or 4 regulars. However this class is very good and needed exercise for our group and those who attend have reported benefits.

Members agreed to increase the amount paid for classes from £5 to £6 to help top up both Instructor pay and rent in January 2016.

It was also agreed to increase amount paid for social activities from £1 to £2 with immediate effect.

The idea of charging for a 4 weekly block of classes at a rate of £5 (as of now) but non-attendance of any of these classes would not be carried forward. Your views on this idea would be appreciated. 4 weekly payments will be due at the first session you attend at the beginning of the month.

2.     Socialising

The chairman made members aware that other activities like scrabble, knitting and general socialising have allocated time and were encouraged stay longer after fitness classes. On the same note members were reminded that the club provides refreshments including sandwiches at a reasonable price. All the refreshments are bought weekly and if not sold, they go to waste. Money from the sale of refreshments helps with other club expenses like advertising, printing flyers, website updates and so on.

3.     Grants

The chairman made the members aware of the two grants the club received from West Sussex County council and Sussex Community Foundation. These two grants were earmarked for a specific expense; cover rent and instructors as well as some other expenses entailed on setting up the club such as setting up the constitution of the club, Solicitors, indemnityinsurance etc. Fees for our instructors and rent amount to £860 every 4 weeks. The club does not cover these and the reason to increase our income.

4.     Christmas Buffet

It was agreed by the members to have a Christmas buffet on Friday the    18th December 2015 at 10.30am to 1.30pm. Each member will bring a plate of food. We will also have a Christmas raffle and music. Please let us know by the 11th December if you wish to attend and your choice of food to avoid duplication.

Attendees at the meeting and their food choice

  •         Marian Swabey – Fish & Cucumber, French sticks
  •         Valerie Phillips – Sausage rolls, fruit juice
  •         Jean Earl – Cheese ….., nibbles
  •         Jane Reed – Salad
  •         Doug Holton – Savoury; Pork pies, wine
  •         Aileen Escayg – Sandwiches- Ham and Cheese
  •         Bill Gerrod – Pickled onions, wine
  •         Gloria Gerrod-  Mince Pies
  •         Saida Lazaar – Samosas
  •         Betty Edwards – Not attending
  •         Joyce Krupa – Not attending
  •         Pat Baker – Water, fruit juice, napkins etc.
  •         Annet Ziraba –


5.     Christmas cards

Members agreed to put money in a small pot for the club instead of buying Christmas cards for each other.

6.     Knitting and disposing of Items

A few members showed interest in knitting and suggested the activity to be called “knit & chat” or “knit & chew”. However, members did not agree on the charity to give the knitted items. The charity will be agreed on in the next general meeting.

7.     Tea Dance

Members suggested a Tea dance once a month. The idea was discussed but not conclusive. The topic will be discussed further in the next meeting.

8.     Bus and Coach ride

Although the coach trip and bus ride were discussed, nothing was agreed. The topic will be visited in the New Year at the next general meeting. Pat Baker will continue inquiring about the coach trips and bus rides.

9.     Arun Wellbeing ( Young at Heart)

Although we sent out notification of the health check by Arun wellbeing, no one attended. There will be a follow up February/ March 2016 and date to be advised.

10.  Website (

Please check our website from time to time. We update it weekly.

Thank you and please do not hesitate to talk to us if you would like to be more involved with the club or any ideas.